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  Topic: Head Differences?

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 9:10 pm   Subject: Re: Head Differences?
markings or stamps or any identifications on the head do not determine if it is big valve. Just mearure the valves with a vernier.
  Topic: -PowerCruise-

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PostForum: Meets/Cruises/Events   Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 1:42 pm   Subject: -PowerCruise-
Who is going. Just read the latest updates and sounds good.
  Topic: Ignition Problem - Maybe ??

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2003 11:00 pm   Subject: Re: Ignition Problem - Maybe ??
check all your vacum lines around the place. make sure the points gap is i think around .45 and lines up with tdc on the shaft of the dizzy. also check the carby out or give it a complete haul up.
  Topic: Draevon

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PostForum: Meets/Cruises/Events   Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2003 6:51 pm   Subject: Re: Draevon
kool day, cant wait to do it again some day. thanks for organising it draevon.
  Topic: what carby r these?

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 7:56 pm   Subject: Re: what carby r these?
Not su's, but hitachi su type! they may look like su's but look closer, i only know this as my mate has a 260z and we got rid of them cause they not worth the bother!!!!

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PostForum: Meets/Cruises/Events   Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 9:39 pm   Subject: 5 ATTN:DRAEVON
Im in, if have enough ppl. I will go for a drive to c u and pay. Give notice on the site though if it is not to go ahead. email is
  Topic: ATTN: Crazyturd

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PostForum: Meets/Cruises/Events   Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 6:26 pm   Subject: Re: ATTN: Crazyturd
do u need more ppl to come hay?
  Topic: Cruisin/racin inBrissy

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2003 3:39 pm   Subject: Re: Cruisin/racin inBrissy
Why dont u try the sprints at QR or go to the dragtrack u idoit. How do u like them apples?
  Topic: need some advice on a cam

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PostForum: Gemini parts   Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 6:40 pm   Subject: Re: need some advice on a cam
go to ivan tighe at wacol and they will tell u what one to get!
  Topic: Rear disk conversion

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PostForum: Brakes   Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 7:01 pm   Subject: vl discs
Are all the same, they came on calias, turbo and v8 models. If u really want an upgrade try using nissan gtr calipers as they bolt on to the vl discs. But some machine work is needed for the front w ...
  Topic: New Section?

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PostForum: The Web Site   Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 11:16 pm   Subject: Re: New Section?
i cant belive i just read that! nice effort though. how many times did u confuse yourself?
  Topic: No Address

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 7:47 pm   Subject: Re: No Address
lol gene!!!!!
  Topic: BRISBANE GEMS!!!!

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PostForum: Meets/Cruises/Events   Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 8:38 pm   Subject: Re: BRISBANE GEMS!!!!
im there
orange te
  Topic: check tis out

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PostForum: Gemini parts   Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:22 pm   Subject: Re: check tis out
diesels are pretty rare though. if it was the green colour its even rarer as that colour only came out on diesel geminis. and anyhow, dont u haggle with ppl on prices these days, u can knock ppl eno ...
  Topic: gold tx sleeper: head install - please help!!!

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PostForum: General Gemini Chat   Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:18 pm   Subject: Re: gold tx sleeper: head install - please help!!!
if u cant do it, give us a bell and i will show u. its so easy but then again im an electrican! lol.
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