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Josh's New Gemini
A bit of info about the car

It's a 84 TG with a TE grill (modified), Pioneer Mp3 Deck, Newly rebuilt G180 with a blue printed bottom end, Balanced internals port and polished Big valve head, Stage 4 Crow cam, Variable timing Crow Cam chain set, RB electronic dizzy (modified) Lukey extractors, mmm this is gonna take too long hahaha yer it's got 16" rims too and a locked diff with a 5 spd =). Future mods are to install the Nos kit I already have which is a 80HP kit and to replace the 32/36 with a 34ADM... Best time it has run was a 16.6 but wasnt really beating up on it too much... hopeing for lots faster with the Nos kit installed and a little more head work.
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