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Mt. Cotton Skid Pan (SEQ)
The day kicked off at 8am with a few tired faces moping around and a guy sleeping on a couch that he brought along. It was a pretty good turnout with around 16 cars all up. After a very serious talking to about control your car and how to stop your car from skidding. Then it was time to get the track wet, poor some desiel on and start up the engines and get out on the track to do the opiset of what we were just told. After a couple of warm up laps for every one, we saw some mad drifting and by the end of the day everyone were experts. Everyone had a awesome time whether it was out on the track drifting or meeting fellow gemini drivers to share a chin wag. On behalf of everyone who was out there we would like to thank Tim (Draevon)and John for putting on such a fantastic day
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