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steven and astara's Gemini
12a turbo rotary engine, T03 turbo, engine is doweled, 18'' venom T.S.W, corona four speed, lilac purple with pearl (2pac). car is on 9 psi and runs on premium unleaded and has 196rwhp. engine is built to handle 18 psi for every day use..can handle 27 psi for drag race, white interior done by myself, cars best time is 13.02 at eastern creek..with 155 tyres at the time...standard gemini wheels..(stockies).. which was only on 9 psi to hit the 10 second mark with high boost and slicks..any info wanted on the car call Steven on in wollongong..can do car interior for cheap price..any colour/material...also can respray cars FROM..$800..depends on condition of car and what paint you want to use....
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