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Drag racing Gemini
Here's a photo of my drag sedan. It started life as a Gemini, has a five inch roof chop, only two doors, a Mazda 13b turbo motor, and is badged as a Vauxhall Chevette. I race at the Kwinana Motorplex in Perth WA. The first photo was taken by local track photographer Jon Gall.

I have recently returned to racing after a two year lay off to upgrade suspension and driveline.

In the early photos taken at Ravenswood Drag Strip it was untubbed and had manual transmission. It now has four link suspension is tubbed and has a Racematic three speed auto with a Dominator torque converter, a narrowed Borg Warner diff and is powered by a Mazda 13b turbo motor. After a two year layoff to do these upgrades on Dec 28th 2002 it did a 10.9 second ET at 132.9 mph (214 kph) on a very lazy 2.03 second 60 foot launch.. This was on a soft tune up at 12 pounds of boost producing 263hp at the wheels. The stall speed of the torque converter is too low and when this is fixed I would expect to do low 10s or high 9s for the quarter mile. The first photo was taken by Jon Gall, all others photos are taken by me or are used with the photographers permission.
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