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Paul & Melissa's gemini
Howdy, my name is Paul, and this is my '81 TE. Had it since '93 and modified it continuously since.

The Engine is a G200 with G161 head, shaved 10 thou. Pistons are ACL alloy and compression is about 11:1. The induction is all customised with a Piazza manifold and multipoint EFI run by a Delco ECM. Extractors are Genie 4 into 1. The bottom end uses ACL bearings and has been machined and balanced by Chris Milton Engineering, Adelaide. Engine output is 70kW at the rear wheels, through a standard 5 speed and re-aligned torque tube. Suspension uses nolathane swaybar bushes all round, custom front bar (28mm) and a 15mm Selby rear. Front springs are HQ Monaro, and the rear are VH Commodore. Wheels are BMW 14x5.5 and tyres are KUMHO 195/60. Front seats are from a Honda Integra, and stereo is 300WRMS using mostly Jaycar components. It will pull a healthy 15.5 second quarter-mile at AIR.
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